Editorial Photo Shoot for Pashion Magazine.  Model: Dani Seitz; Photographer: Angelika Buettner; Makeup Artist: Iris Moreau; Hair Stylist: Damian Monzillo
Advertising Campaign for Thule Group Sweden.  Prop Stylist: Anne Kunisaki  Wardrobe Stylist: Anne Kunisaki; Photographer: Marcel Pabst
Publicity Photo Shoot for Actress Alyssa Sutherland, star of History's Vikings.  Photographed by the Riker Bros.; Makeup Artist: Iris Moreau;  Hair Stylist: J.Michael; Wardrobe Stylist: Marcellas Reynolds
Advertising Campaign for American Heritage Historic Chocolate. Photography: Rory Earnshaw;  Prop Stylist: Jackie Slade;  Food Stylist:  Jackie Slade;  Wardrobe Stylist:  David Gauger;  Agency: Gauger & Associates
Advertising Campaign for AT&T. Art Direction: Carole Ambauen  Wardrobe & Prop Stylist: Margo Brumme
Advertising Web Campaign for Levis and Gap. Photo / Laydown Stylist: Anne Kunisaki
Editorial Photo Shoot for Remix Magazine. Model: Alex Boldea;  Photographer: Darren Tieste;  Makeup Artist: Iris Moreau;   Hair Stylist: Jill Crosby;  Manicure: Shirlee Kerr
Advertising Photo Shoot for Vine de la Vie Hair Campaign. Model: Ekatarina Zalitko; Photographer: Albert Sanchez;  Makeup Artist: Iris Moreau;   Hair Stylist: John Blaine;  Manicure: Pilar Noire